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Getting braces with Dr. Azar was great. This was my second time getting braces and I am glad I chose to come here this time. I had been thinking about getting braces again for years. My experience with braces before had not been great so I was not looking forward to going through the process again. Had I known how pleasant this whole process would be with Dr. Azar, I would have done this years ago.

My teeth now look great. I have no regrets.

The people that work with Dr. Azar are great, her hours are convenient, and I never had trouble getting appointment. It is always easy to find parking around the area and I usually ended up being done with my appointments sooner that I expected.

I highly recommend coming to Dr. Azar if you are thinking about getting braces (or any other orthodontic treatment or procedure).

I know Dr. Azar: 1.5 years.

I received orthodontics treatment from Dr. Azar for the past two years and 9 months. I have a very complicated case and Dr. Azr brought good results to my teeth. Dr. Azar is very patient and she has really good techniques and experience. The clinic has very friendly stuff members as well.

I know Dr. Azar: 2 years and 9 months

I came to Dr. Azar to have the spaces in my teeth closed. From the very first appointment just by looking at my teeth she told me what to expect from the treatment, there was no guessing what type of outcome the final results would be. I could tell she was very experience and knowledgeable in her field. The office is beautiful, clean and nicely decorated so i didnt mind coming in every few weeks. The staff is awesome, always friendly and extremely professional. It's a bit expensive but you definitely get your moneys worth. I ran into some trouble with my payments and Dr. Azar was so compassionate and understanding, she worked with me instead of making me feel ashamed for falling behind. I got my braces off today and I didnt even imagine it would look this good, I'm so trilled and a bit sad cuz I won't get to come in and see them as often. They've added a dentist to the office so now you can come in and do everything in one place, which is great because after your treatment you get use to the staff and their hours. I truely loved every aspect of coming here, if you happen to need braces, this is the BEST place in Mass hands down.

I know Dr. Azar: 1 year and 1/2.

Both of my sons have been patients of Dr. Azar. We have had the extreme pleasure of knowing the family both personally and professionally. One of the most outstanding memories we will always have is how Dr. Azar consistently showed kindness and caring towards our sons during the process of being in 'braces' from their middle school years and becoming a 'teen!' (-; She is a star! Thank you Haleh.. Fondly, Downing family..

I know Dr. Azar: 7 years....

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